Becoming A Member

We need your active support in order to achieve our objectives for smart growth. 

This is an all volunteer organization. Your membership dues help provide ...

  • Administrative support

  • Website development

  • Site inventory/marketing

  • Promotion of existing inventory

  • Growth fund for IDC organization

  • etc.


If you are interested in volunteering in support of development initiatives or joining the 79-80 IDC, please contact us at: or (724) 458-6410.

Join a task force:

We need your help with our legislative, transportation, sites, membership and marketing work groups. We are only as strong as our volunteers

Members of the 79-80 Interstate Development Corporation work together to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Cultivate, identify and advocate for projects that will advance positive economic development in the 79-80 crossroads area.

  2. Actively market available inventory and the area to prospects and developers.

  3. Inform membership and the communities about issues pertinent to positive development in area.

  4. Develop and foster strong partnerships with other IDCs and economic development organizations within the county, and in the adjacent counties. 

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